The Finnish Reading Center

The Finnish Reading Center

The Finnish Reading Centre, founded in 1972, is a well-established literacy NGO. Our mission is to promote literacy, reading as well as reading motivation among children and youth in Finland. We gather information, produce materials and provide services and expertise for schools, libraries, the general public, media and policy makers. We co-operate with international reading organisations and promote the distribution of research results. Read more

Basic information

Expert Services

The Finnish Reading Centre participates in national and international research projects, commissions investigations, gathers research results and produces reports. We provide hands-on and objective information on reading and literacy. Read more

Author Visits

We have more than 1000 author visits to schools, libraries and events every year, with hundreds of authors. Read more

Campaigns and projects

We carry out a number of campaigns and projects the aim of which is to support reading and literacy. The aim of the campaigns is to inspire people from all age groups and backgrounds to read and to further develop the literacy in Finland. Read more


Lukufiilis is written by young people to young people. We encourage students from secondary schools, high schools and vocational schools (13-19 years old) to participate in writing the contents of the magazine. Read more


Column: Reading is not fun – it is a survival skill

Aleksis Salusjärvi teaches boys to read. He leads a Reading Center’s project, which aims to improve poor literacy skills of young males in vocational institutes. He writes Read more

Workshops for vocational students

One of our literacy and reading campaigns encourages vocational school students to read. Sanat haltuun (‘Words matter!’) campaign is funded by UPM and implemented by the Finnish Reading Centre. Read more

Finland 100 years – The Great Reading Adventure

‘The Great Reading Adventure’ (Suuri lukuseikkailu) campaign is a national project, which supports reading activities of children. The campaign introduces children, parents and educators a variety of books and encourages reading as a hobby. Read more

Read aloud

The aim of this campaign is to encourage the parents of small children to read aloud to them. The campaign informs parents how reading aloud helps children to develop. Read more

Research: "The modern literacy in Finland"

‘The modern literacy in Finland’ (Uusi lukutaito) campaign concentrated on investigating, would the children be more motivated in reading on tablets compared to reading a printed book. Read more